5 simple steps to set up an engaging Facebook page


Here are the easy ways to set up a Facebook page in 2020 

Create a Facebook Page of your brand (Ex: XYZ studio)

Click on the top right of the bar right next to the Facebook Home page then click

Create > Click Create Page > Business or brand (if you want to create a business page or if you want to create a community click on the community or public figure)

Mention Page name & category of your brand (Ex: Art, Real Estate, Ecommerce, etc.)

Always try and make the page name as short and simple as possible it will help people to remember your brand page name easily.

XYZ Studio

XYZ Studio of John Wick

Upload a good profile picture with size 180 x 180

(Note: Picture must not be pixelated)

Pixelated logo/profile picture will create a bad brand impression on the user visiting the page and may bounce back without doing any engagement, you may end up losing your prospect follower at this very moment.

Upload a banner image with size 820 x 312

(Note: Picture must not be pixelated)

Same goes to this part of the page also, Logos & banners are the first thing/visuals user see when visiting the Facebook brand page. Don’t take chance because Your first impression is your last impression.

Create a unique username (ex: @xyzstudio)

How much time do you take while choosing a username for your profile? Maybe 2 second right.

I would suggest while creating a username keep it simple, short and similar to page name if possible. If a person remembers your brand, he is most likely to type the same on the Facebook search bar. The chances of your page to appear gradually increase.

Leverage everything that is possible.

By following all of the steps mentioned above.

These are easy ways to set up a Facebook page in 2020

Boom! Your page is now live

Pro tip:

Before creating a Facebook page define the following things.

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What they like?
  3. Who is your competitor and what they are doing
  4. Remember Facebook pages helps SEO ranking in a way


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