How do Search Engines work?

Here is how Search Engines work.

The use of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing has been a very influential part of our day to day life. The functionalities of search engines are limitless, but to get a better understanding of them, we must understand what they exactly are. How do Search Engines work?

  • Search engines have three primary functions:


  • Crawling
  • Indexing
  • Ranking

Crawling :

Crawling is the action by which the search engine discovers new and updated content on the web. for example, new sites or pages, changes to existing sites or pages, and dead links. To do this, the search engines use a program that can be alluded to as a ‘crawler’, ‘bot’, or ‘spider’ (Each internet searcher has its own kind.) which follows an algorithmic cycle to figure out which sites to crawl and how often.

When a search engine crawler travels through a website, it picks up the entire content of the website. It is then stored in a databank and it additionally stores all the internal and external links of the website. The crawler will visit the links stored at a later point in time. Which is the way it moves from one site then to the next. By this process, the crawler captures and indexes every site that has links on at least one site.


The search engine crawls and processes each page of the site. It stores and indexes all the words and their location on each page of the website. Then it keeps them into a huge database where it is easily retrievable.  It is basically an information database of billions of pages.

It extracts the content and stores, with the data and then organized with the search engine algorithm to measure its significance contrasted with comparable pages.


While crawling and indexing are behind the scene of work of the search engine, Ranking is the most evident one. Search Engine Results Page is where an SEO expert can show the results of his/her work.

When we enter a keyword on the search bar, the search engine will search on its Index and sites/pages that match a similar search query and will appear in the SERPs. If you have done a good SEO job on the sites, blogs, pages on which you have worked on would get a better positioning than your competitors.

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